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Central and Western Europe is famous for its cultural history, unbelievable architecture, huge mountain ranges and beautiful countryside. The region also has a vast soccer history that includes some of the most famous clubs in the world.

Opportunities are available in Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Our contacts in these countries include national federations, professional men’s and women’s teams and a variety of amateur opposition.

Our base in GERMANY is Straelen, which has played host to National, Regional, and State ODP teams, as well as many USA-based club teams. SV Straelen, the local club, is our training base and offers year-round facilities.

Straelen is located close to Moenchengladbach, which has allowed Travel and Play the opportunity to build a personal relationship with Borussia (BMG), the local Bundesliga Pro Club. Teams have the opportunities for professional training, games, and private tours of the BMG Facilities. Many games are also played at the BMG training ground.

HOLLAND is just a few miles away from Straelen, allowing for training with KNVB Coaches and games against top Dutch Clubs. FRANCE and BELGIUM also tie in well with Germany, and Travel and Play offers professional soccer experiences in both countries. Brugge, our base in Belgium, is perhaps the most picturesque city in Europe.

Our southern base in Germany is Fuessen, in the mountains outside of Munich. The Seepsitz Hotel is located on a lake just outside of the town and is close to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. With practice facilities close to the hotel, it is a great base for tours throughout the region.

NORTHERN ITALY, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA, and the CZECH REPUBLIC are all short drives from Fuessen and offer great options for tours onward from Germany.

Travel and Play | Destinations | Central and Western Europe
Travel and Play | Destinations | Central and Western Europe

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