Terms and Conditions

All Travel and Play tours operate under the terms and conditions listed below:

  • Payment of initial deposit confirms agreement of all terms and conditions listed.
  • The customer acknowledges the following terms and conditions upon which Sports Travel Consultants LLC – DBA Travel and Play – has provided goods and services in furtherance of the tour and travel arrangements of the customer.
  • Travel and Play takes no responsibility for acts and omissions of any supplier of goods and services such as, hotels, motor coach, event tickets or other entity providing services to the customer.
  • Travel and Play cannot control such factors as weather, government actions, civil unrest, mechanical breakdown, participant physical, medical or mental disabilities, and/ or a customer’s failure to obtain valid travel documents or follow travel instructions.
  • Travel and Play is not responsible for any consequential, psychological or emotional damages or monetary losses due to flight delays, airline turbulence, transportation accident, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • The customer hereby waives any claim for personal injury, including death, property or other economic damage, including loss of or damage to luggage or other personal property, or any other loss or claim, arising whole or part by any act or omission of any entity, its agents, servants or employees, not solely, exclusively and directly under the control of Travel and Play.
  • The customer acknowledges that tour itineraries, accommodations, travel arrangements and other aspects of a tour must at times be modified or cancelled due to acts of god, unavailability of accommodations or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Travel and Play.
  • The customer agrees to arbitrate any and all disputes with or concerning Travel and Play only in the State of Ohio. The customer herein waves his or her right to trial by jury or otherwise.


  • The customer acknowledges that the price quoted is based upon prices provided for accommodations, transportation, tickets and other components. Should any prices for such components be increased, Travel and Play reserves the right, and the customer acknowledges the right of Travel and Play to increase the tour price in the amount of any such increase in price. Any customer given notice of increased cost shall have the right to terminate the reservation and obtain a full refund of all amounts paid to Travel and Play.
  • The acceptance of any tickets, vouchers, or other documentation of tour or travel arrangements shall be deemed to be acceptance of the above general information, terms and conditions by the customer.
  • On the rare chance that we may have to alter and/or make changes to the agreed final itinerary, the customer will be notified immediately to discuss alternatives.
  • Travel and Play prices do not include passport and visa fees, travel insurance fees, any regular or excess checked baggage surcharges, lunches, beverages with meals, sightseeing fees, laundry, expenses incurred during free time periods, porterage at airports and hotels, transportation in the USA/Canada, and tips to guides and bus drivers.
  • Price quotes are valid for 30 days from receipt and are dependent upon the final number of travelers.


  • If you book a land-only package, you are responsible for booking a flight or other transportation that arrives at the destination before or with the group and departs with or after the group. The group flight schedule may change at any time. Land-only participants are responsible for any costs associated with changing their flight or transportation schedule to match that of the group.
  • To minimize any price increases, Travel and Play strongly recommends that all passengers are ticketed at the same time and as early as possible. This allows the group to travel intact and helps to reduce flight costs and ground transportation delays.


  • For safety reasons. Under no circumstances are individuals allowed to join the group (e.g. ride the bus) without the purchase of a Travel and Play package. Travel and Play is under no obligation to provide tour information, services or transportation to any individual not listed on the official travel party roster.


  • If you wish to change any of the details of your booking, we will do our best to help, however, we have no obligation to make any change. If you wish to deviate from the group’s flight itinerary, the request must be put in writing no later than 120 days from departure. Flight deviations are dependent upon availability and cannot be guaranteed. Participants are responsible for any extra costs incurred and is payable at the time of booking. Most airlines limit the number of deviations allowed per group and you may only deviate on the return flight.
  • Participants are also responsible for making all arrangements to and from the hotel or airport as well as all land arrangements pertaining to their individual itinerary.
  • Participants are allowed to leave and return to the group, Travel and Play has no responsibility for participants not with the group and it is the sole responsibility of those participants to make arrangements to re-join the group at their own cost. If you are late in reconnecting with the group, Travel and Play has no duty to delay the group to wait for you.


  • Travel and Play strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance. The cost of coverage is generally based upon the cost of the trip. Please be advised that some travel insurance providers require the purchase of travel insurance directly after initial deposit in order to cover pre-existing conditions. All questions regarding travel insurance and its coverage should be directed to your insurance provider.
  • All participants should carry with them any necessary medical information (i.e. medication instructions), insurance information, and a list of allergies or health concerns. All participants are responsible for obtaining adequate medical coverage while abroad. Check with your health insurance provider to see if you are covered while travelling and if any additional insurance is needed.


  • Travel and Play reserves the right not to accept or retain anyone whose condition or general behavior impedes the operation of the tour or affects the right of other passengers. Zero tolerance will be exercised in the matter of drug/alcohol abuse, antisocial, dangerous, violent, illegal or irresponsible behavior, the participant will be dismissed immediately. If a person is required to leave the tour, their return will be at their expense. Any unused portions of the tour will be subject to forfeiture and no refund will be given. All participants are responsible for their own actions.


  • Allergy and dietary information will be forwarded to our service providers. It is a participants’ responsibility to notify Travel and Play of these special needs at least three months prior to their departure date. Travel and Play will endeavor to make arrangements with our vendors but cannot guarantee that all dietary requests can be met. All participants are responsible for their own food intake, as such it is their responsibility to communicate any specific dietary needs directly to the persons serving their meals. No compensation will be provided for any uneaten meals.


  • The customer acknowledges Travel and Play’s right to use any photography for promotional materials unless Travel and Play receives written notification of the customer’s declination.


  • Frequent flyer miles are not redeemable nor acquired on group flights.


  • Tour participants are responsible for obtaining a valid passport prior to departure, as well as any visa needed. It is the responsibility of the participant to check and fully comply with the requirements, including passports, visas, permissions, etc. for travel between the US/Canada and any country you are travelling to/through. Travel and Play is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by travelers not obtaining proper travel documents and terms of cancellation will apply. If you are not a U.S. or Canadian citizen you must inform Travel and Play in writing of your country of citizenship, refugee status, and/or if you possess any green cards or visas. You must carry any permanent resident cards, travel documents and visas with you on your trip.


  • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable at any time.
    • An initial deposit of $300.00 per person is required to confirm tour details and pricing.
    • An additional deposit of $600.00 per person is due 5 months prior to travel.
    • Final payment is due 60 days prior to travel.
  • Payment of the initial deposit confirms agreement of all terms and conditions listed. Upon receipt of the deposit, Travel and Play will send you a specific payment schedule outlining amounts and dates due. Failure to comply with the payment schedule may result in late fees, penalty costs, increased rates, and the inability to provide agreed upon package inclusions, or total cancellation of the trip. Payments can only be accepted in the form of a check, money order or credit card. Credit card payments will incur an additional fee of 3%. Post-dated checks will not be accepted.


  • All payments made to Travel and Play are non-refundable unless otherwise stated on the tour documents.