Youth Team Tours

Our youth tours combine exceptional soccer opportunities, professional games, and stadium tours with a wide array of cultural experiences. Teams can decide if they would like to play in an international  tournament, friendly matches, train with their own coach, or train with a professional coach from the area they are visiting. Teams can also select single or multi-country tours, multi- city packages, sight-seeing tours, cultural experiences and choose to watch a professional game (schedule dependent).

Variations are designed to fit your team’s specific budget and travel needs. Teams can book tours during spring break or in the summer months. It is tantamount to us that your team is well matched while on tour; thus, we work hard to arrange games that match the skill-level of your team.

Traveling as a team is one of youth soccer’s greatest adventures and Travel and Play can accommodate youth teams of all levels of play.

“Our whole experience was first class. From the moment we arrived in England to the time we left, Travel and Play organized and covered every little detail. This made my job so much easier and more enjoyable. I would recommend Travel and Play to anyone who wants to have a quality trip.”

Paul Holdgate
Director of Coaching
Toledo Soccer Academy

Switzerland, France, Spain – Women’s World Cup Tour Itinerary  –  June 2019

Denmark and Sweden, FCN and Pitea Summer Games Tour — Sample Youth Tour Itinerary

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