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Travel and Play is proud to partner with Roots and Refuge and Murray McMurray Hatchery in offering an international  Gardening and Homesteading Tour to England.

Do you love gardening, homesteading, poultry and living off the land and have always wanted to visit England. Then join your fellow gardening and homesteading enthusiasts on a international tour to Great Britain in June of 2025.

Join Jess Sowers (Roots and Refuge), and Tom Watkins and Ginger Stevenson (McMurray Hatchery) on a 10-day, 8-night tour of England. Interact with Jess, Ginger and Tom throughout the tour, visit some of England’s cultural and historical treasures and learn about gardening and homesteading the English way.

Glean new insights and business ideas from our creative neighbors across the pond who are incorporating poultry, gardening and sustainability into their backyards and homesteads (small holdings).

Spend a half-day at Homeacres – the home of renowned English gardener Charles Dowding, and let Charles teach you the ‘No Dig” gardening methodology in his home garden.

The tour begins in England’s capital city of London a cosmopolitan city full of history and grandeur and then heads west to the amazing city of Bath, an elegant city full of traditional heritage, contemporary culture and named after its Roman-built baths. 

Gardening and Homesteading tour highlights Include

A half day education session with world renowned English gardener, Charles Dowding.

Visit the Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain at RHS Wiseley – Get expert gardening advice and see how-to demonstrations.

Visit an English poultry farm selling eggs and poultry to the local community.

Visit High Farm a new small holding starting out and trying new ideas.  

Visit Blackshed Flower Farm – Blackshed owners will discuss how to incorporate cut flowers into your homesteading business.    

Cultural and Historical tour Highlights include:

Guided walking tour of London incorporating all the major sites – Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square.

Visit to Stonehenge or Avebury  – perhaps the most famous prehistoric monument in the world  

Visit to the Roman Baths                          

Walking tour of Bath

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