Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum length of a Travel and Play international soccer tour?

The minimum stay is four-nights; however, Travel and Play recommends a minimum of seven nights, and 9-10 night stays are optimal.

What type of accommodations and standards do you provide?

Travel and Play selects accommodations with great care. The choice of accommodations depends on your group’s budget. We offer many lodging options, including three-star and four-star hotels, university dorms, hostels, sport center hotels, classrooms, and home stays.

Are family members welcome on the tour?

The inclusion of family members is decided by each club, program, school or college/university. Under no circumstances are individuals allowed to join the group (i.e. ride the bus, join sightseeing expeditions) without the purchase of a Travel and Play package. Travel and Play is under no obligation to provide tour information, services or transportation to any individual not listed on the official travel-party roster.

What happens if our full roster of players is unable to go on the tour?

Many of our teams travel with less than their full roster. You may choose to invite guest players from your own club, other clubs, or classmates to complete your roster.

Can I send my child without a parent?

Yes. When sending a child alone, please provide the group leader with a notarized letter of permission signed by the parents or legal guardian.


How far in advance should we book our trip?

Teams that start the booking process approximately 12-15 months in advance have a better chance of making the trip happen. Our recommended timeline is:

  • 15-MONTHS OUT — Decide on your preferred destination and dates
  • 12-MONTHS OUT — Present the information
  • 10-MONTHS OUT — Ask for commitments

The trip details can be fine-tuned as you work through the booking process.

How do we confirm a tour booking?
Travel and Play requires a team coordinator, passenger list and deposit from each participant to confirm a tour booking.
We have others who may be interested in joining us on our tour. Can they be added after we book?

Yes, though additional participation is subject to flight and accommodation availability. To minimize any price increases, Travel and Play strongly recommends that all passengers are ticketed at the same time and as early as possible. This allows the group to travel intact, and helps to reduce flight costs and ground transportation delays.

We do not know all the participants' names at this time. Can we still book and provide the names at a later stage?

Yes, but we still require a deposit for each traveler, regardless of whether we have their name.

Can I/we make my own air travel arrangements?

Yes, you may book your own flights. If you book a land-only package, you are responsible for booking a flight or other transportation that arrives at the destination before or with the group, and departs with or after the group. The group flight schedule may change at any time. Land-only participants are responsible for any costs associated with changing their flight or transportation schedule to match that of the group.


When will all arrangements be confirmed?

Depending on the destination and time period, generally four–six weeks prior to departure. Itineraries may change up until a few days before departure.


Can payment be made by credit card?

Yes. Full payment of each installment should be remitted to Travel and Play by each due date. Installments can be remitted by credit card (3% surcharge), club or school check, money order, or personal check.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

All Travel and Play payments are non-refundable. Therefore, we strongly recommend travel insurance. Travel and Play recommends Travelex for your travel insurance needs – If you decide to use Travelex, please use the following locator code 35-0404. This lets Travelex know you are traveling with Travel and Play.


Does group size affect our tour cost?

There are benefits to bringing larger groups, including better discounts. Please request details from your Travel and Play representative.

What if I/we have to cancel?
Our cancellations policies are clearly defined on our Terms and Conditions. We encourage you to read them in advance of booking your trip.


Do we need a passport or visa to travel?

A valid passport is needed for any person traveling outside your country of citizenship. Tour participants are individually responsible for obtaining a valid passport prior to departure, as well as any visa(s) that may be needed. Please make sure any non-U.S. or Canadian citizens and non-permanent residents have the necessary documents required for entry into your destination location as well as any country of transit. Please inform us of any non-U.S. or Canadian citizens in your group as soon as possible.

Does our team need permission to travel?

This will depend on your governing body (NCAA, NAIA, USSF, etc.). Most governing bodies require each registered team to advise them of their plans to travel. The group leader or tour coordinator should contact their governing body as soon as possible to complete the relevant paperwork.

Should we purchase trip insurance?

We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance.  We will provide you with brochures and details of how to purchase travel insurance. The terms and conditions of coverage vary according to the insurance provider. Cost of coverage is generally based upon the cost of the trip. Travel and Play accepts no liability for damages incurred by circumstances that would be covered under trip/travel insurance.


What information does Travel and Play provide prior to departure?

Travel and Play will provide a trip booklet prior to your departure covering ideas for what to take, country information, electricity supply, weather information, airport procedures, etc.

Is there any difference in tournament or friendly game rules?

This changes from country-to-country, and from tournament-to-tournament. If you are looking to participate in a specific tournament, please ask for details on that tournament’s rules. For most friendly games, the make-up of the game is very flexible and can be arranged to suit the needs of both teams. In the past, games have consisted of 2 x 30 minute halves; 3 x 30 minute periods; 2 x 45 minute halves, etc. Generally, the format is determined by roster size, time of year, and other factors.