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Travel and Play provides the expertise, options, quality and worldwide support that you need to create an amazing international experience for your sports team or community group. Our greatest strength lies in our size. We only take on a set number of tours per year and thus can offer personalized, focused attention to build individual, customized tours and services with which our competitors cannot compete. We also ensure that one of our senior staff members is present for part of your European tour. Travel and Play specialize in European tours and has built a network of European community leaders, community groups and organizations, sports tournaments and long term relationships with many professional, amateur, and recreational coaches and sports clubs. Our tour mangers have extensive experience traveling within and knowledge of the geographical location in which they work and are committed to making every tour a valuable, memorable experience.


Travel and Play works with your team or community group to design a customized tour experience. All groups  can select single or multi-country tours, multiple city packages, sight-seeing tours and cultural experiences. In addition,  sports teams have a variety of options including training with professional coaches, participating in friendly games and international tournaments and attending professional games. Variations are designed to fit your teams budget and needs.


Each tour option offers flexible accommodation and meal plans to fit your teams budget and needs. Flights are arranged through carefully selected airline partners. Icelandair has been the preferred airline of Travel and Play for more than ten years and serves 38 gateways in Europe, the USA and Canada.


After a destination is selected, Travel and Play helps with all aspects of tour planning to effectively prepare for travel. We provide passport information, country and currency details, what to take lists, airport and TSA requirements, baggage specifications and based upon 25 years of experience, how to get the most out of your international tour. In addition, one of our senior staff will attend a pre-tour meeting to discuss all the relevant tour details and to answer any parent or player questions.


Travel and Play is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for your team. In our 25 years of providing international tour experiences, we have gained valuable experience in responding to international incidents as they arise. If conditions exist that hinder our ability to provide a safe tour, we will alter the itinerary and redirect the program to a safer region or provide alternative options.

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